Hemoglobin analysis tester Meter home Hb Analyzer anemia tester strip heme test with 25 test paper

Hemoglobin analysis tester Meter home Hb Analyzer anemia tester strip heme test with 25 test paper

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The hemoglobin detector is small and portable.
Simple operation, fast detection of dry chemical test paper hemoglobin detector, only one drop

The patient’s hemoglobin (Hb) level and red blood cell pressure can be detected within 8 seconds of blood

Product value (HCT). Very easy to use, siphonic quantitative blood-sucking test strips

Less almost painless detection, replacing complex and costly tests. Very suitable for all levels

Hospitals use point-of-care testing, which is more suitable

Promote use in community health checkups. Hemoglobin is an important component of red blood cells

, abnormal hemoglobin concentration may come from anemia (low hemoglobin), red

Cytomegaly (hyperhemoglobin), thalassemia, sickle-type anemia, or

A lot of blood loss. Not suitable for newborns. Pay attention to user safety and be committed to user friendliness

Designed by Qinli Biotechnology Co., Ltd., is a heme analyzer

An analyzer that is indispensable to the staff. Product List: Hemoglobin Analyzer Host,

User manual, carrying bag, blood collection pen, test strip (25 packs), certificate.

Hemoglobin recommended reference range:
The male heme concentration is between 13-18 g/dL,
The concentration of female hemoglobin is between 12-16 g/dL, which is a reference value and may not be

For everyone
Hemoglobin results suggest:
The number is low, there may be problems: malnutrition, various anemia, chronic liver disease

Disease and kidney disease, etc., recommended blood care products
High values, possible physical illnesses: cardiopulmonary diseases (eg chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)

Disease, heart failure heart disease), mountain sickness (residents in the plateau), excessive red blood cells

Symptoms, physiological increases such as newborns, male blood production is strong. Physical labor. Take off

water. Hematopoietic system diseases, etc.;
However, other blood test items and physical conditions must be consulted to find out the possible causes.
Registered Product Standard Number: YZB/Country (Taiwan) 1937-2015
Registration Certificate No.: National Machinery Note 20152400081
 Principle: Electrochemical biosensing method Relative humidity: less than 95%
 Test sample: fingertip microvascular whole blood,
Memory capacity: 180 groups test results
 Measurement time: 8 seconds,
Measuring range: 7.0 – 26 g / dL (4.3 – 16.1 mmol / L); 21 – 78%

Hct (calculated value);
Sample volume: approximately 1 μL,
Detector size: 77*61*19 mm (length, width and height);
Detector weight: approx. 47g (without battery)
Battery life: about 1000 tests
Battery type: One 3V (CR2032) button lithium battery
Storage and transportation temperature: 10 ° C – 30 ° C;
Storage and transportation humidity: 10%-90%;
Working operating temperature: 10 ° C – 40 ° C;
Altitude: 10,000 feet (3048 meters)
Instrument life: 5 years
Production date: 12 months
The storage period of Kaifeng: within 3 months after the first opening
Product selling point: Baijie benecheck hemoglobin analyzer, only one instrument is needed

With a special hemoglobin test strip, you can easily test it, only 1 microliter of blood is needed

Samples can be read in 8 seconds, fast and accurate.

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