Blood Glucose Meters Diabetics Test glycuresis Monitor blood Glucometer medidor de glicose 50 Strips +50 Needles

Blood Glucose Meters Diabetics Test glycuresis Monitor blood Glucometer medidor de glicose 50 Strips +50 Needles

Price: US $18.19
Price: US $18.19
item specifics
Item Type:
Blood Glucose
Commodity Quality Certification:
Model Number:
Sannuo Yizhun
018 Sannuo GA-3 Blood glucose meter
Medical grade PVC
Brand Name:
Self blood sugar test
Test time:
About 10s
Test range:
Power supply:
2*AAA battery (not included)
Product description

Household monitor blood glucose meter 50 strips test paper 50 lancets blood collecting needle blood sugar detection glucometer medidor de glicose for a happy, healthy family

Calibration: Automatic

Sample: fresh capillary whole blood

Measuring Range&Unit: 1.1-33.3mmol/L (20-600mg/dL)& the unit for this machine is mmol/L

Testing Time: 5.8 seconds

Memory: 250 results

Operating temperature: 10 degrees to 35 degrees

Humidity: 20-80% RH

Auto Power off: After 2 minutes without action.

Battery: 2 AAA batteries (The batteries are not included in the package)

Accuracy: About 15% to 20% deviation

(All the blood glucose meters will have an error. If you really want to know the exactly the numerical value of error you can do the comparison with hospital's venous biochemical. Don't make a contrast between the two blood glucose meters. There is no absolutely correct, only relatively correct with the international standard. Some of improper operations during the measurement will also affect the accuracy of the results)

Advantages of our glucose meter:

Automatic adjust the digital to reduce error: without the personal error caused by manual adjust the digital, the latest professional intelligent automatic adjust the digital functionality, easy to solve this drawback, ensure the accuracy of testing data. According to data, nearly a third of people with diabetes have arisen error digital when using glucose meter; Nearly two-thirds of the glucose meter adjust the digital error will lead to skew the results; Use glucose meter without adjust, can obviously reduce the measurement error, reduce the risk of treatment

There is no pain in the process of collecting blood, collecting blood volume small, only about to use a ball-point pen point down a bit: use the FAD-GDH, not influenced by maltose, galactose, especially is not affected by oxygen, can be used in the venous blood, monitoring easier and more accurate, to avoid a lot of holes on finger by collecting blood

Operation process is simple, only need 10s that the result can be detected. Stability test results.

XL display: extra large LCD screen, shows at a glance, solve the problem on the market that most of the glucose meter screen font is not big enough and can’t see clearly.

A key to exit the test paper, need not use hand, security: the actual proof, manual operation will be increase the chance that the finger contact with blood and thus increase the risk of infection, automatic operation completely avoid the disadvantages.

Small, easy to carry, test data at any time: the latest products, light volume, whether at home or in travel, can get the same exact data.

Content in package:

GA-3 Glucometer device 1pc

Test strips: 50pcs

Lancets: 50pcs

Lancets' device: 1pc

If you only need test strips,you can go to below link to buying:

50 pcs test strip + lancet

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